Presidents Corner


2017 FBCC President: Douglas Hansen

Its 2017 and I’ve been a member of the FBCC for a long time now; I might even be one of the oldest members that hasn’t yet served as President yet… So I guess that time has come.

My name is Douglas Hansen and I am an addict.  My story started with one of my oldest memories spending time with my oldest brother on my family’s 240 acre farm in AL.  As I remember it (it might be different to others) I was just the youngest (7 maybe) of 3 boys hanging out having fun on our country farm when my oldest brother decided to take me along in my dad’s TR3A for a short spin around our dirt country roads when he mistakenly spun the car off the road and into a ditch.  This really didn’t seem to bother us but it did bother me when my brother had to leave me alone in the car while he took the long walk back to the farm to get the tractor to pull us out.  I admit, I was scared a little but it wasn’t until I saw my parents drive up and see me there in the car stuck in the ditch that I realized that we were in real trouble.  I can still visualize the image of me in that 3 with the tractor rolling down the road with my dad parked next to us waiting to hear what we did.  I think this was the point where it all started.  The story goes that my dad said that if my oldest brother wanted to play with a TR he should just go get his own.  So of course… he did… a TR4.  He still has this car and I can still remember pointing out which head studs he needed to torque next as he rebuilt it.  Of course it didn’t stop there.  Many years later and many other parts & project cars on the family list it was finally my turn to get my own.  My first car is my 1964 Triumph Spitfire4.  Perhaps it started as just a toy and just a cool car to dream about driving to high school when I first got my license but over the many years of work and re-work it became to be more than that.  It’s become a part of my identity and uniqueness that I like to think I am. 

That’s how it all started and now I can’t find time to work or drive on my own cars as I’m too busy working on everyone else’s, but I can’t complain when I have my amazing and supporting parents & British wife close by. 

So welcome to FBCC in 2017 and let’s plan to play, drive and have some fun in your club this year!





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