President’s Corner

2021 FBCC President: Terry Jackson

Thank you for viewing our website.  Our club membership comes from many areas of the country, many industries, and many experiences.  And we bring all this together around our enjoyment of British cars.  As a club we provide experiences around these cars as well as camaraderie for ourselves and spouses.  Examples include club meetings, garage sessions, drives, and other activities sprinkled in during the year.  Drives are truly one of the highlights, as it should be for a car club.  In this area we are particularly blessed to have the mountains of SC and neighboring states offering some fabulous roads and breathtaking views.  It’s a pretty ‘cool’ experience driving through some twisty roads in a ‘parade’ of many British cars travelling together.

We’ve got all ranges of experience and knowledge on British cars of all makes.  And our members are always willing to share this…both with brain power and actual assistance.  This is another wonderful advantage of our club.  Plus we have access to a garage where this brain power and actual work can come together!  We ‘push’ this out to our membership through programs and garage sessions for those who are interested.  But just as frequent is the opportunity to ask for help, either suggestions or actual work.

If you are a current member and reviewing our website….thanks for being in our club.  If you are reading this website and considering joining us…please do.  You don’t have to be crazy passionate about British cars to be in our club!  Initially you don’t even need to own a British car.  You just have to have a sincere interest in obtaining one.  That’s how I joined…..I was interested in getting a car, saw this website, went to a meeting, joined the club (with a stated interest in finding a car) and as you can see…ended up President and owning a Triumph.

We’d love to have you join our group!  Or just come join us for a meeting, once COVID restrictions have been eased.  And look for us on those mountain roads!

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact me through our contact form

– Terry Jackson

Past Foothills British Car Club Presidents:

Jim Harbison              1994
Butch White                1995
Carey Jones               1996
Elaine Galloway          1997
Mike Barefield             1998
Tim Strickland             1999
Glen Finch                  2000
Ed Seagrave               2001
Bill Manning                2002
Steve Poteet                2005
Eddie Saunders           2004
Gerald Medford           2005
John Sharpe                2006
Ed Leese                     2007
Hap Waldrop               2008
Tom Buto                     2009
Jack Donegan             2010
Eddie Saunders          2011
Forbes Kayhart           2012
Bill Palmer                  2013
Steve Chase              2014
Dennis Cox                2015
Jud Chapin                 2016
David Benson             2017
David Benson             2018
Wayne Telman            2019
Curtis Orlowski            2020
Terry Jackson              2021